Tuesday, December 20, 2011

the duchess

she's an extensive prototype, already promised to someone, too.  she's my pattern, 22 inches over all, all clothing and accessories designed and made by me.  she's one of a kind, even though I am going to use her body and clothing patterns again.  her face is her face alone and forever.  enjoy.


  1. Your love for creating dolls is shown! How beautiful and royal.

  2. She is so very beautiful! I hope that where she will be living, she will have a very happy home. I was hoping that you would explain in more detail how you make her head and shoulders. I know the face painting is more then half her beauty though.

  3. I make her head out of paper clay specially made for doll making over a substrate of aluminum foil
    in the basic shape of a head and shoulder plate.
    Then I model it and sand it and add more clay, sculpting until I am satisfied. Then over this after it is dry, I glue silk interlock fabric over it being very careful not to get wrinkles in it. This part is a bit tricky, because the glue can seep through and cause discolorations to the silk. I cannot be more clear about this process only because it sometimes works or sometimes doesn't. Then after all is well and dry, I paint on the features and varnish where necessary.