Friday, September 30, 2011

two DIPs for a Gritty Jane Klimt Challenge

Yes, I know, you haven't seen any dolls actually FINISHED yet, but I have a surprise up my sleeve
for the beginning of November.  You'll see.

As for the two new dolls in progress, they are based upon works by Gustav Klimt for a challenge that
Gritty Jane put up on Facebook.

First is Sonja Knips, an early Golden Era portrait he did of her.

The second is the nefarious Judith II after she has assassinated the Assyrian General.


  1. Wow....both of them have such beautiful faces.

  2. Thank you, Mary Ann ;-D I'm getting excited to
    make their bodies now

  3. How enjoyable it has been to watch aspects of your newest artistic creations, and then see pictures of the finished dolls!
    You do so well at both creation and translation, Dallas. Creation is evident. Dolls are born, but by translation I mean reinventing figures from two dimensional art or literature. The potential is endless... Bess, the landlord's black eyed daughter, with a dark red love-knot plaited into her long black hair from Alfred Noyes' "The Highwayman".... or the un-named young woman who served as original inspiration for the traditional Irish folk song "She Moved Through The Fair."
    Despite how much I like Judith II and the Queen of Quite A Lot, I do look forward to more. - TRM